Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Day, Another Showing, Another Hope...

I may as well go ahead and actually post over here. I was tempted to vent my thoughts on LiveJournal, however I figured this is the more appropriate blog as it's a family thing.

I've been posting ads on Craigslist for the house. Everytime I do this, we bring in at least another showing. This is the third time I've posted and there is someone seeing the house right at this second, unless they were utterly disgusted and left immediately. That means that there's a possibility, however remote, that we could get "the call." Not "THE call," as in "we have a baby for you" but "the call" as in "we have an offer on your townhome."

At this point we've been paying two mortgages for over six months. We couldn't move into this house for roughly a month as there were deed issues (it was a foreclosure) and we needed new carpet, paint and AC. We then didn't have all our stuff out and the old house set up for over a month. We're lazy like that, have long transition periods. We still haven't unpacked all our boxes and aren't planning to anytime soon.

So it's been on the market like... well, I know it's over 100 days now. We've had numerous people see it. Some were interested and couldn't get financing, one wanted it but knew (and hated) a neighbor, and MANY want to do lease to own. People we know keep telling us to rent it. We don't want to become landlords. We want to sell it.

This isn't about money. Well, in a sense it is. See, it costs money to adopt. We aren't doing foster adoption, which is pretty much free except for the HS and classes and such. We don't think we'll do agency adoption either, probably use a referral service or adoption attorney. Our adoption might not even cost that much, but I can assure you as people who've never had a newborn or small infant, we'll sure as heck need a lot of stuff. Cloth diapers are expensive, babies run through a lot of cloths and sheets, slings and boppies and all sorts of stuff that we'd like to have will all cost a hefty sum when added together, and then there's the cost of travel on top of it as it's likely our baby won't come from NC. Even were we to be able to afford the adoption itself without the money from the house, affording the care of a child plus the care of our current child and ourselves AND two mortgages...

What it comes down to is this: we really, really NEED to sell that house. It's not about money or about moving on or about convenience. It's about the fact that we have a completed homestudy just sitting on a shelf and an empty nursery with an empty crib and a little 3 year old boy who gazes into said crib and talks about the baby that will one day fill it, with such amazement in his eyes. It's about the fact that minority infants throughout the US are going to fostercare or being adopted internationally because of a lack of homes here. It's because we just FEEL our next child is out there, somewhere. Probably still in the womb, possibly already born, and while they might not need us right this second, we'd like to be ready for when they do need us.

And while I know it's all going to happen when it's supposed to happen, and not sooner or later than it needs to be, it's all just so frustrating and somewhat infuriating. Sure, we have "worst comes to worse" plans, and yes, we are so, so blessed and we do realize this. If this is all we have to complain about then believe me I know we're lucky.

I still wish that dang house would sell though. Seriously, we'd be willing to make a bargain on it too.

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