Monday, December 15, 2008

Breath In, Looooong Breath Out...

Today we are officially under contract with the house. I'm a little too nervous about this to go "whoo hoo!" just yet, but right now... I'm happy. Calm. Relieved.

If all goes well and as planned, by the end of January we should be "on the market."

We wanted to be "on the market" a month ago.

Suddenly January seems awful close...

We're excited and hopeful and nervous and keeping our fingers firmly crossed for the next 5+ weeks.

If all goes well... then the journey can proceed.

Today I took some Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek caplets. They've just been sitting there, unopened, for months. Don't know if they'll do much without a pump or Domperidone or a hungry infant mouth but... first steps. First tentative, cautious steps.

At some point we get to take our last remaining items out of the old house. That includes the lamp, the one that will be used to light the nursery. It's so symbolic, isn't it?

I need to pray and thank God and Joseph and everyone and just... just be thankful. Prayer always reminds me to be thankful, because it always makes me look at the blessings around me and realize, in the face of God, how exceptionally blessed we are. How many people in this day and of our age, can say they have as full and easy a life as us?

Alright, so now comes the awful waiting period of just praying it all works out. I suppose it's just a trial run for the waiting period in adoption, after being matched and before placement. We can do this. We'll be fine.

I'm feeling so, so very hopeful now.

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