Saturday, December 6, 2008

Introductory Post

Well, hello fellow bloggers and those who've been coerced to read my blog. I'm here to write a blog. Not a particularly good blog, nor a particularly bad blog, just a blog. I've written blogs before. Infact, I've been with livejournal for almost seven years now, under the username Ladyofmoonlight (my screen name most places). However, I felt it was time to finally create a blog just for family, a "family friendly" blog if you will. This is not my first attempt. I started a secondary livejournal back when my husband and I were first married and trying to conceive. Unfortunately, it mostly ended up being a rant journal where I'd whine about this and that that my husband did or didn't do. It all came to a quick stop with one semen analysis, backed up by a second one (and now two more) confirming that it would be highly unlikely that we'd be getting pregnant anytime soon.

I think had another blog, one I started shortly after receiving our referral for our son from Ethiopia. I posted 5 times. I could not get the hang of blogger after so many years at LJ.

But... I'm trying again. I want to be able to record every. single. thought, every bizarre notion that runs through my head,without boring the people in LJ land (who don't really read it much anyway which is highly understandable). I want to talk about different parenting techniques, playground etiquette and politics, subtle racism my child is being exposed to, and the journey of just living our lives. On top of that, we have the fact that we're starting/have started a second adoption. We're "paper ready" for a domestic adoption, in that we have a homestudy sitting upstairs gathering dust as we await the sale of our old townhouse. So I'll probably be whining about the townhouse a bit too, though as I'd like to keep this blog more family oriented and safe for even my children to someday read I'll likely do most of my more, er, "naughty word using" whining over at my livejournal. It's been a wonderful ran journal anyway.

And so, now that I've written a long introduction to our introduction, here, let me introduce my family:

Hello, I'm Megan. I talk a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Like you have to just get up and walk away when you're sick of me because I just won't stop. Expect my posts to be long and full of ramble. As for the specifics, I'm a 26 year old Maine born woman who has lived in NC for half her life (do the math, it's easy!), married a Carolinian and am now living the life of a Southern Housewife. I have an English degree from UNC, which I managed to get in 3 years and still haven't properly used unless you count long, unintelligible blogs and sometimes videogame fanfiction. I enjoy being online (a lot), talking forever at coffeeshops with my best friend R, reading graphic novels, playing very easy videogames, forcing my husband to play very hard video games so I can watch, and of course playing with my adorable little son.

My husband is Nik. He's 24, also a bit of a gamer, and very forgiving of his semi-nutso wife. He's a very loving, ever present father who spends soooo much time with his kid it almost boggles my mind. He works in the software engineer field and comes home to play with his boy, give him a bath and read him bedtime stories, then gets right up with him in the morning. He's a long blond haired vegetarian, like me (only I'm brunette). I could say more, a lot more in fact, but rest assured I'm very pleased with my choice of mate :)

Our son is Paxton, age 3. He came home from Ethiopia on his 2nd birthday, seated between his daddy and me. We recently hit the one year home mark and he's been doing specatularly. We really could not have asked for a better child. Despite some very tough times there dealing with seemingly unending teething and so, so much violence on his part, we've come out the other side strong and happy. He's a calm, happy, smart and loving boy who kisses the booboos of anyone crying, loves to give hugs and kisses, says please and thank you, and is already starting to read a bit. He sleeps through the night, eats well, lets us know what he wants and doesn't want, can be easily reasoned with, has a great sense of humor, and he can easily amuse himself, as he's doing right now.

Hopefully our family will grow again within the coming months, and we have all hope that by next Christmas we'll be holding our new little one in our arms. Just as my Livejournal detailed our journey to adopt Paxton, so will this journal detail our journey to adopt Baby Bender (our joke name for the new kiddo, we came up with it one night after several leaps of logic we cannot recall, but it stuck). We're expecting a lot of hope, heartache, joy, pain, excruciating decisions and moments filled with such happiness as cannot be described by mere words. The journey to Paxton was hard, and this one might even be harder, but one look at my happy, smiling, thriving child tells me that it's all worth it in the end.

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