Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a Bad Mommy Day!

Not a Horrid Mommy Day, mind you, just a lazy butt, not really do anything, just keep giving him activities to entertain himself so I can phase out online kinda day. One of those days where I'm not really awake and not particularly happy for some reason and I just don't think face to face interactions are the best things right now. Except for hugs and cuddles. Those he gets upon request (he's just too cute!).

So the inspection was done on Saturday at the townhouse, hope to get that list of wanted repairs really soon so we can get past that hurdle. I just wanna freakin' CLOSE already! Yeesh! Adoption involves enough waiting and stress, does it need to involve selling a house in a buyer's market too??? Either way, I'm trying to keep myself emotionally guarded in case it falls through. We can't move forward without selling this house, not safely, so it's the next big hurdle in our road to adoption.

Paxton is making a very pretty picture. :)

Anyway, we've been horrible about bedtimes lately and it's really showing in the bags under my kid's eyes. On Saturday Nik went to a friend's house for D&D and I took Pax to visit my best friend. I also took WALL-E, which we hadn't yet seen. We ate dinner then dressed P for bed, then cuddled up for the movie. And watched all of it. I mean, I expected I would, but I thought maybe P would fall asleep at some point, all curled up and warm in a dark room. But nope. Then I tried to make him fall asleep on R's bed while we talked in the other room. Again, no. So an hour and a half past his bedtime, I plopped him in the car and drove home. He didn't fall asleep in the car. Two hours after bedtime he finally fell into a fitful, overly exhausted sleep. He woke up early and asked Nik to put in WALL-E. We've watched it a lot by now.

Paxton is now crawling on me and saying "Pizza yummy". The colors have gone away. His right hand is very neon pink.

Anyway, we let him nap Sunday afternoon then put him to bed half an hour late last night. He woke up early and tired and wanting WALL-E again. Now he's whiney and tired and I think he'll be getting another nap today. Hopefully.

My mother should be over very soon as we're going to lunch, then coming back so she can teach me how to sew. I hope to figure out this bizarre contraption and soon be able to sew much needed or wanted items. That would be nice.

Oh, and we "finished" Christmas shopping. Bought boyo a play kitchen and sit and spin at Goodwill for $15 and $3 respectively. That adds on to all his other little "here and there" toys, like the $12 sale laptop, $5 plastic tea set, $3 silly snake, etc.

Time for some cleaning before lunch. Paxton found his "treasure chess" again. It's a chess set in a box. He opened it, we said "chess!", he said "treasure chess!" I think it was then followed by an "Ar Matey!" with his little hook finger.

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