Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just laaazing around

I'm sure there's lots I could be doing right now. Pax has been asleep for almost 2 hours though so I must wake him up soon. He's back to napping! Woohoo!!! When we had to stop his glorious daily 3 hour nap because he stopped falling asleep at night... yeah, that was awful. But now...

Okay, so now that he's back to napping every 1-2 days for 1-2 hours I'm kinda, well, I'm just not sure what to do with myself. I end up doing things I either shouldn't do (snacking) or things I could just as easily do with him awake and playing trains by himself for 1/2 hour, like surfing the net. I reeeeally need to get serious about sewing. I can't learn it if I only try once a week or so! I can make a bobbin, thread the machine, and mostly remember to clamp it down before making it go. I still can't make it look good yet, but that'll take practice. And I think I'll enjoy it once I've actually gotten it down (I enjoy it already, I just keep forgetting to start at a reasonable enough time to accomplish anything).

I'm somewhat reassessing our diets again. I've started buying a different type of fruit each week as a snack food, only it's been the same these last couple weeks. Seedless Clementines, yum! Nik and I eat about 3 a day, try to get at least one into Paxton. I need to find more grapefruit too since I loooooove that. And we always have bananas stocked, and silly things like raisins and applesauce that can't even be mistaken as fresh.

I need to try to drink more water. I mean, I don't really drink much else so I might actually not be getting enough water. Also trying to cook more often since the recipes I cook from scratch end up much healthier than things we cook from a box or can, and I'm sure a ton healthier than foods we could get elsewhere.

My hope used to be to live an organic lifestyle. After we started saving funds for Pax's adoption years ago, we quit normal grocery stores and Whole Foods in favor of WalMart. Figured it was worth it to bring our son home. We're at a point with 2 mortgages where we currently can't do all too much to fix that, but we're trying. Little by little, lentil by lentil, substitution by substitution. Maybe someday we'll have mostly or even all organic and natural foods again, but I doubt it.

Hopefully I'll actually be able to follow through with my idea of a garden in the backyard. Finally, a garden not in pots but in soil! Real soil that already grows wild berries out the wazoo! It's fertile land we bought. I'm making a mental list of what to plant, like beans and tomatoes and eggplant and pumpkins and more berries. I'll probably make a kid's garden as well, with sunflowers and carrots and such, things I had as a kid. How awesome would that be? Pax and I digging in the soil and planting and watering and caring for them every day! We'll need to start a compost heap, and get some rain barrels, and by some boards. The tall pines will have to come down first and then we'll need to till and put up kid-proof fence for my garden (that secretly blocks off the old, rusty-but-useful shed). We'll put up a smaller, open fence for the kid's garden.

I don't think I'll plant chives. We planted those in my garden as a kid. It was near the dog pen. He peed on the chives. I ate them anyway. I don't think I can grow chives.

Now I feel icky.

Ah well, time to awaken the tot! We did Marbles this morning, came back for nap, and are going back for the last 2 hours they're open meaning we should be out of here in about 20 minutes. He's still in his jacket. I think we can do this.

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