Thursday, December 25, 2008

Really need to post photos!

So, Christmas is now over, our child is over sugared and under bathed, our house is full of new toys and their various wrappings, and... for some reason Nik needs to go back to work tomorrow. Boo.

So Tuesday: After Pax woke up from his nap he was quite sad, very remorseful and just not happy. We hugged a lot. He got a cookie. We went back to the kid's museum, found his "girlfriend" who works there, and he got to play for a couple of hours. He was much happier afterwards. He's big enough now that he most definitely remembers his punishment, and he has been telling people that he bit mommy and he's sad about it. Also everytime he does anything, like impulsively slap, he'll grab his own hand and cry out "sorry mommy!" then give me a hug. While on the one hand I'm not too pleased with myself for controlling him THIS much, on the other hand... woohoo! Now if only it would make him remember hitting is bad BEFORE he did it....

So anyway, Christmas was nice. We saw my parents Wednesday for early dinner and presents, then on to church. Nik got to read the first passage and we kept Paxton in the service for that. He was quite perturbed at Nik for getting up, going to the front and speaking really loud. I believe his exact words were "Daddy! Daddy, sit!" Nik took him to the nursery when he was done (he knows I love to sing the hymns!) and when they returned for communion my dapper young man in his gorgeous black and white Christmas suit with a dashing red necktie, was also sporting a new pair of pink princess high heeled shoes, complete with frilly pink feathers. It was too cute! Wish I'd taken a picture. Like always we took communion last in the shortest line so that Pax could take his time figuring out what to do. He wasn't too pleased. He expected cake, or at least cookies, and just found bread. And not even all the bread! He just had to take a small piece. He ate his then tried to drink directly from the cup (we dip) so I dipped mine and gave it to him, then walked him away as quickly as possible (in those shoes) while he asked for more. Then we all lit candles and he just kept relighting and blowing them out.

He fell fast asleep in the car, which was great as we were able to enjoy the luminaries in our neighborhood, even stopping to blow a few exposed ones out and attempt to put out a small fire. Seriously, the neighborhood association just automatically put out everyone's luminaries and lit them without people being home, and they used like 5 inch tall candles that burned the bags down. We saw a firetruck leaving the neighborhood as we were getting ready for bed. At least we haven't heard of any houses burning. Yet.

Today P got up early and Nik got up with him (yay!) to play trains. I slept till all of 8:30, almost 3 hours later than Nik. We opened gifts then played with them for a very long time, with me stopping a couple times to do laundry and take a shower, and Nik being a doll and cooking a breakfast that actually made both of us sick.

We left for Nik's mom's house around 2ish, got there and helped prepare food, ate, opened gifts, ate deserts and played cards, then left and watched Pax fall into a deeeeep sleeeeeep. We were so hoping he'd get a bath tonight as he didn't get one yesterday, but he also hasn't taken a nap in two days and he was up so early. Ah well, maybe tomorrow morning I'll bathe him.

So, for the present rundown:
Me: Animal Crossing: City Folk (I've already paid off my first house, changed into my Mii face, done all the Nook stuff and donated about 8 fish to the museum). New socks. A new pan set. Candlesticks. Various stocking gifts from my parents, including large oranges that disguised as grapefruits and made me eat less tangy citrus last night.
Nik: Portal, The Matrix Anthology, an RC helicopter, an RC pirates vs ninja set, a lightsaber, a lego pirate set. Various stocking gifts from my parents, including a pomegranate.
Paxton: Oh, where do we begin. Well, there's the play kitchen with the tea set, the pots/pans set, and the Melissa and Doug food for cutting. Then there are two train sets from both grandmothers, both Thomas but not compatible (one upstairs one down?). Then there's the little table and chairs set you can draw on, and the new books (one personalized), and the cute little worm and snake, and the snowglobe, and the laptop, and a caterpillar that makes music. That's what, like half of it? Well, maybe a bit more but seriously my kid is spoiled! Last year for Christmas it was seriously all clothes and this year it's all toys, and OMG he has toys already! But ah well, he's happy.
Also... I picked up little socks and put them in BB's stocking, which just sorta sat there as we have nothing to hang it on and really he/she will have a new stocking next year (God willing!) with a real name on it. But I still had to get a gift. Just li'l Pooh Bear socks. I love it when Paxton buzzes and says he has bees on his tongue like Pooh, and I saw those tiny socks with the little bees...

Let's not talk about the "repair requirements" list we got, on Christmas Eve no less (though they signed it on the 21st). It's not... horrific. Hope is still very much alive. But it's not a done deal yet. We just... need to hope.

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