Thursday, January 22, 2009

Been awhile...

And now, onto the next stage... the REAL wait!

Our house is SOLD! It's GONE! Well, the old one. And the new one is starting to gather little onesies and cute little sockies and such, as well as big boy Thomas underpants for a big, big soon-to-be older brother who is so big that he can pull his own pants up and down and get himself on a big potty with no help from mommy.

We had a small snafu when a referal service asked for us to send two copies of our profile. You see, we kiiiinda forgot that part. I mean, I did up a quick website awhile back but we really literally put everything on hold until the house was gone. It was sort of an emotional protection thing. So the past few days have been all about writing, re-writing, re-re-writing, bugging people about reading my writing, re-re-re-writing, printing, fixing, printing again, cutting, pasting, learning to scrapbook very quickly, deciding on the right supplies, driving all over the dang place to get the right supplies, hurting my poor back by hunching over a pile of pretty colored paper for way too long, and then finally getting everything together and paying Kinkos $50 to make 5 nice copies along with 5 copies of our homestudy.

And now... we're ready.

No, we don't have our cloth diapers, and we have only a few bits of clothing, and we still need the baby tub and the sling and the new carseat for Paxton so we can set up the Britax for Paxton. And no we haven't even got the new dresser/changing table or moved some of the things we were storing in the nursery out of there yet.

But we're ready. We have our homestudy and profile, we have our ecstatic friends and family, we have our whiney and suddenly quite jealous older brother, and we're just... we're ready.

And now we begin :)

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