Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Nice!

Both Britax and Graco have full installation videos online for the two carseats we're using. We got Paxton's Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 today from Amazon and I'm still trying to figure that one out (just need to get it installed in the car now, missing a step), and Youtube helped me set up BB's carseat as well so he'll be all set to go whenever we get the call.

Which might be sooner now! Well, might be likely now I should say :) They got our stuff and asked us to register for the Yahoo! Group so I guess that means we aren't being turned down by this agency or anything. Yay! That was one of my fears.

Hopefully we'll do our taxes this weekend. The state gets back to us pretty quickly, federal might take awhile, but either way it looks like we're getting all but a few hundred back (in state) and carrying a few hundred in credit over for next year (in federal). And then hopefully next year's taxes will include another deduction and another adoption credit :)

Seriously, it wasn't until that tax credit that I actually became excited for taxes. Ah, child, look at what you've done to me!

Ooo, and when we have our refund back, that might raise our budget and open us up to new possibilities! Hooray!

I know it's not as likely, but I'm gonna guess... April. Which probably means May. I was so set on July for Paxton's referral and it ended up being August 10 (he was in the orphanage August 4). So maybe I should think March?

And I'm thinking blue. We have a boys name that we're already using to refer to the baby, since we don't really want Paxton calling him Baby Bender. We also have a girl's name we love so we're set their two, but we really feel like it's going to be another boy, and honestly we'd be so happy either way :)

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