Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lots going on!

Well, a bit anyway.

Jacob's doing better, or at least was when I was at UNC Monday so I should probably call/email today to make sure everything is still going alright. He's responding quickly which is awesome!

The buyer's at our house actually moved up the closing date fromnext Tuesday to tomorrow afternoon. I'm fine with that, but really? Friday at 3 before a 3 day weekend and you don't even have all the repairs/inspections done nor all your paperwork? I'm a little confused there. Either way, if it gets it done then it gets it done.

Contacted two adoption referral services. They come recommended and are pretty cheap to use, only $1K if you match through them and either no fee or $100 to sign up, nothing big in ye olde adoption world. Only one got back to me and sounds nice, says with our lower budget ($15K inc. travel) it might take us a bit longer, but it should work out anyway. Think we'll sign on with her and maybe another one that I can't find a contact form for and who I'd like to ask a few questions before submitting my info.

Paxton's language development continues to stun us. Yesterday he said "I'm sick," letting me know he was sad (he gets those mixed up). He's never said "I" or "I'm" before and he said it so naturally. While 3 word phrases are pretty natural for him now, he's actually saying 4 or 5 word sentences that area bit jaunty but still grammatically correct. He gets it better everyday so I don't notice it as much as everyone else since I'm with him pretty much 24/7. Nik notices it a bit more, and everyone else is consistently blown away, especially knowing how bad he was at English for a long time.

I don't think Nik's too pleased with me for Pax's latest obsession, I figured "well, he seems to have tv time at these two times of the day, why not switch that out for computer time with the same characters and have him actually learn computer skills?" So instead of glazed eyes staring at Winnie the Pooh or Wall-E or a Noggin show (all on DVD or VHS, no cable here), he now has a knit brow as he figures out the mouse and the choices. And oh are their choices!

In the past few days my son has learned: How to hold and maneuver the mouse, how to left click instead of right click, how to hit X to make a window dissappear, how to click the "next" button, how to go back, how to choose a show then an area of activity then the activity, how to listen to directions from a non-human speaker (the computer) and wait patiently until he's told what to do, how to follow directions, how to click to pick up and drag as well as how to click to pick up then click to drop, and how to carefully click on smaller, moving objects so that he gets what he wants. I can't even count the various skills he's learning from the tons of games, but it's so awesome to see him win a game of bingo or a matching game, or see him set of the instruments he wants and dance to them, or say out loud everything he's doing as he's following patterns and remembering where he planted seeds to be watered and, well... it's not something I want him doing 24/7 but in place of tv time? Most definitely! And I'm hoping to at some point pick up some learning materials, things with numbers and letters and basic addition and such that are just as fun.

Alright, time to stop dilly dallying and get dressed so we can go to the library. We go on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, attending 3 programs a week. That on top of a "meet the animals" once a week at the museum gives him 4 opportunities to sit still and make mommy proud. Unfortunately he typically makes mommy look nuts because she's whispering "just.sit.still!" through gritted teeth while he flails and cries, but we're trying! And he does get better every time, it's just... minute. Okay, off to at least get socks on. My feet are cold!

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Hi! Guess I have a lot of reading to do now that I found your blog and would like to know your story ; ) ! Thank you for commenting on mine.