Monday, January 26, 2009

My haul from the consingment sale yesterday, during half off day. Grand total? just under $100.

My haul from the consignment sale on Friday. I bought the stroller there, too. Total? $150.

Please note that there are bags stuffed under the stroller in both pictures.

I'm so happy about it! One thing about me? I LOVE buying things! Another thing about me? I'm very frugal. Any guesses how this must frustrate me???

You can't believe how happy I was that A) we could afford everything, no problem; B) we needed everything; and C) I had total access to grab whatever the heck I wanted! I literally had glorious dreams about going there again all night Saturday and Sunday morning. I kept waking up all throughout the night all excited. Did I mention my grandmother is a yardsale queen? Now I see why! That was AWESOME! I mean, I was literally pushing Paxton's stroller with one hand, and grabbing bags full of onesies and sleepers and booties with the other, briefly glancing at the cost and contents, then shoving them in my bag as fast as possible! I filled two bags within about five minutes! I was in HEAVEN! And now I'm stuck with all these adorable baby items :) And Paxton got some cool stuff too, of course!

There's another consignment sale in a couple weeks. I'm SO going. I'm also leaving in a few minutes to check out a very nice Goodwill (always has great stuff) on the way to a women's house, where I'm picking up some nice lined nursery hampers (five) which I plan to use in my closet organizer, and which require a bit of driving but are more than 50% off so I'm cool with it.

I still need my prefolds, snappis, wipes and solution, nursing shawl, changing table, rocker/glider and a few more things, but we just ordered our bassinet so that and Paxton's "big boy" carseat should be showing up sometime in the next week or so. It's so awesome!

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