Monday, January 5, 2009

Things I'm proud of today...

1. Clean house. Well, cleanish. Well, okay, cleaner than it was a week ago, how's that? Maybe once I pick up all the toys displaced in under 30 minutes it will look much cleaner...

2. Good meal. Soup (from can, not so great I know), boiled cabbage, salad and peanut butter-banana-chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Think I'll have another one soon :)

3. Child growing up well. I'm quizzing him on longer phrases and he's trying his hardest and often getting them. He's also "reading" some of his favorite books to himself. Still needs a bit of an attitude adjustment post-Christmas and we're working on it, but generally he's very easy, well behaved, amiable and considerate. I love this kid :)

4. Finding a book to recommend to husband. Husband enjoying his book, which I finished a couple days ago. Not only do we FINALLY enjoy the same thing just about as much (I'm THIS CLOSE to writing fanfiction!), but I get to talk to someone about a book I just read which is awesome!

5. I'm actually reading! Reading I say! Yes, it's only young adult fiction right now, but it's wooooonderful! I'm taking personal time outs from playing with Pax in order to just read. I figure it relaxes me when I'm serious about to break a Thomas train in half, and it's a good example for Paxton to see. And guess what? Now he's starting to pull out books himself and tell himself the story! OMG it's perfect! My brain feels exercised, I read a great story that has me thirsting for more (the 3rd in the series is on reserve, will pick up tomorrow), and my son is being encouraged to read!

6. Cloth diapering. This month marks 1 year of doing cloth diapers almost exclusively. There were 2 or 3 times where we ended up stuck with using a disposable simply because I'd miscalculated when I needed to do wash, but other than that it's been pure cloth, and other than water bills we haven't had to pay a cent in diaper costs in a year. How much do toddler diapers cost in a year? I bet it's more than the roughly $300 we spent on the stash and biodegradable detergent.

7. Gas usage. My minivan is huge and I consider it a gas guzzler. Still, I'm pretty much able to go 2 weeks before gasing up. Even with the much, much cheaper gas now ($2.50 cheaper than a few months ago!) I'd still prefer not to waste too much of the planet's resources. Honestly I'd be prouder if I rode the bus more. It's just that after that last time with the gang thing and the violent threats against a women and the screaming curses right near my totally interested small child... yeah, I might need some coaxing and maybe a taser to try that again.

So that's it. I wanted to go to 10 and I could say I'm proud that I made those cookies again (only a few ingredients, no salt, only brown sugar no white, and no oil) but then again I'm eating them like mad. We all LOVE those cookies, and honestly if I'm going to have sweets in my house (can't live without 'em) it's better to be those than something full of oil and refined sugar. And there's no egg so eating the batter is totally fine! Hmmm, think I'll eat one again now...

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