Friday, January 2, 2009

Things that make me just melt

1. Paxton copying me. While it's somewhat scary that any word or phrase I utter might be repeated to hundreds of people in public areas at the top of his lungs, it's also just plain adorable to hear him muttering my utterances. Especially cute? Calling a playing animal "silly button!" or remarking "goodness!" when a tower falls over.

2. Paxton going "yeah!" after every other phrase. I guess it's his new verbal tick. Nik pointed out that it was sort of an explanation thing, like an "I'm serious!" Pax would/will often just repeat what we say so adding "yeah" does help us get that he gets it. For example, I'll say "you want an apple?" and he'll reply with "apple? yeah!" Of course, now it's things like "please yeah!" and "good job yeah!" and "potty yeah!" and "hi yeah!"

3. Paxton being so incredibly jubilant that he starts to randomly run in circles around me while laughing. On his good days, of which there are now many, this is a common occurance.

4. Paxton reading and counting faster and better, and recognizing some words. Every time he reads of letters it goes faster and faster, the pauses fewer and far between, and while he still miscounts most of the time he'll sometimes get a straight run no problem.

5. Paxton making girlfriends. I think this makes them melt more than me, though. Paxton grabs a new girlfriend (adult female) wherever we go and makes them play with him. Usually he's successful and whoever the random person is will sit there playing with him until I distract him long enough for them to get away, but they'd better go far since he'll run after them once he realizes they're gone. He'll sometimes do this to men and sometimes to children, but usually it's adult women he's all about. I was a little scared at first of the whole "mommy shopping" thing but he still listens to me, still wants me if he's hurt, and still drops everything the second I mention food, so I look at it as more of a break for me. Besides, it's so nice to see him making friends even if they are at least 7 times his age most of the time.

And oh so much more! Man I love this kid :)

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