Friday, February 27, 2009

Must... resist...

Consignment sale starting... in one hour.... too far away... have too much stuff already... must not get keys and head off!

But... they say that 200 people consigned and it's all good quality... and Paxton does need rubber rain boots and those are always in the $20+ range anyway....

But no! It's almost half an hour away! And there's another one in a week or two! Closer ones, where you'll be able to go with your mother and drink yummy coffee and have someone to talk to in line and compare prices.

But... but... mer...

Stupid voices in my head. I swear I've gone back and forth over going for like a week now! Seriously! If it were close, I'd stop in to check it out. If it were further away, I wouldn't even think about it. :( I guess the easiest/best choice is the one that involves the least amount of $$ spent.

Nik is asleep. So is Paxton. I think I will go upstairs and partake in that as well.

Oh, and fingers crossed! Nik had two interviews this week that both went well. It's Friday afternoon so we aren't likely to hear anything now, meaning the whole weekend will be full of suspense. HOPEFULLY, one (or both!) of the two places will want him. That would mean we'd be back to a normal schedule, back into the land of waiting to adopt, and back into steady income. Or it could be a bit let down and both could take their pick of and of the thousands of available developers around here who are suddenly unemployed or extremely close to it (RTP is really, really suffering, like 1/3 less jobs now than a year ago or something like that).

Oh, and Paxton seems to have been reigned in a bit. Just a LOT of discipline, a lot of attention, and a lot of activity. We're very proud of him. He's getting back from "OMG why are you nuts?" land and becoming the sweet, intelligent and loving kid that he normally is again. Wheeeew!

K, sleepy time! Hopefully I won't wake my boy up the second I lay down in bed. I've done that a few times before and it stiiiiiiinks!

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