Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not much to say

Saw family a bit this week, Paxton's stayed dry a lot, didn't go to a consignment sale and am now blaming Nik. I mean, it is all his fault! I decided not to go because of the distance, but wouldn't you know it my husband wanted to go to a game store to pick up D&D supplies, and the gamestore he wanted to go to (and is at now) is like two streets over! Jerk! If you wanted to go over that way ANYWAY you could've at least dropped me off at the sale first! Yeesh!

Also, please, please keep your fingers crossed and our family in prayers. IF everything goes well Nik will be starting at his new job on Tuesday! It's an awesome, awesome job and Nik thinks they really need him since he's already figured out ways to help him. Better yet, it's contract to hire, pays well, and it's in the medical field which means that it's not only one of the most stable places to work right now, but Nik will actually be doing work that will indirectly help save and better lives. Now that's something to be really proud of :)

Either way we're planning on a date next Saturday. I'm looking forward to it!

Also I'm looking around at facilitators within NC. We'd rather not sign with a facilitator, but at the very least I can get links/names from them of lawyers or agencies to contact. We're also thinking about paying $100 and putting ourselves on for a month, just to see if anything happens. You know, I did a search and there is not one couple on there that's from NC open to African American children! Granted there are only like 9 couples from NC anyway... but still, that just seems odd to me, and we keep hearing what a huge need there is. I'm thinking that we might want to put our names out there for a month just to feel like we're doing something, see if anything happens, and also use that month to locate and speak with various lawyers and agencies that work in NC only since we really don't think adopting out of state will work for us right now.

Either way, I'm still very, very optimistic about our future and our next child. How could I not be when my own little boy is so wonderful?

(if you couldn't tell, he's back to being himself and we're both so grateful!)

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