Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I fell down and got hurt :( Dang.

While leaving downtown I picked Paxton up to take him to his carseat. I was peering around the cars to see when the last of the cars would go by and somehow tripped off of the sidewalk. Easily could've caught myself if I'd been willing to, y'know, drop my kid. Couldn't do that obviously.

The weird thing is that EVERYTHING was suddenly in slow motion. And my face was 100% on Paxton the whole time so it was like he was moving in slo mo and looking confused and falling backwards and everything else was just side stuff.

I managed to lay him very delicately on the pavement, and the second he was safe, BAM, it all sped up again.

And man could I feel my knee! I totally busted my right knee, shoved all my weight on it very quickly and ground it into the pavement. It looks awful and disgusting and just, ew, yucky!

I got Paxton into his carseat, got everything in, and managed to kinda half cry without tears while getting home which did make me feel much better until I shifted my legs and ripped up the big scab that had formed to my pants. Did I mention it was my favorite pair and now they're like my new painting pants? Dang.

I also almost decimated my iPhone. It was in my side pocket, only about 3 inches from where I landed on my knee. Luckily it's totally okay. As is Paxton, thank God.

It's almost time to wake my wee one up from naptime. He knew I was hurt and sad so he was very good for me. Let me buckle him in and went straight in the door at home, upstairs, peed by himself then grabbed a book and curled up in bed with no fuss. Though he did laugh at me when I went into his room, pantsless, to steal his Neosporin. He giggled and cried out "mommy's butt! haha!" But eh, I'd probably still do that to my mom today :)

Our new prefolds have arrived and are in their first dryer cycle, after their first wash cycle. Yay! They're so incredibly soft. I'm impressed! They weren't kidding about unbleached Indian prefolds being very soft. I would not ever put a Gerber prefold on a little baby unless I absolutely had to, but this? Dang! Why can't my underwear be made of this stuff?

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