Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to normal

These past few days Paxton has been... wonderful.

A dream.

A doll.

Oh Lordy, please don't let this end!

Now that we're back on a normal schedule at home (with Nik going to work) I have my nice, happy, reasonable son back. I cannot express how happy I am! My God, my child is saying please and thank you, listening when I reprimand, says I'm sorry and gives hugs, says he loves me, is using the potty just fine, napping alright (except for today), and is just generally happy and thoughtful and loving and considerate and just easy to live with.

I could run down a list of positives but let's just say this: even though he still does bad things, even though he still throws toys here and there, and is mean sometimes to me other other kids, or disrupts storytime, or acts out a bit... he's still an angel compared to how he was. He's a normal kid again and I can so handle that.

And tonight he helped me make ravioli. It was awesome :)

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