Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just a quickie

-He's been better about sleeping lately. The last few days I've asked if he wanted me to hold his hands down. Today he said no and fell asleep just holding my hand. Yesterday and the day before he said "yes, just a little bit" and positioned himself for me and fell asleep that way. I get that it's calming and that feeling restrained is equal to feeling safe for many children, but if he is weaning himself off of it again then, well, yay! Let's all hope for him continuing to voice his wants and falling asleep peacefully.
-We cut all his hair off today. He cried and tried to talk the man out of it. Poor thing! Now he thinks it's all cool, and we saw my mom (and aunt and uncle) for lunch and he got a prize and lots of yummy food. His eyes look so huge now!
-We're seeing my sister-in-law and youngest nephew in a couple hours. It'll be the first time Paxton sees any of his cousins. I'm kinda excited!
-The lady we were trying to match with has lost contact with the agency.
-I finally emailed a woman I should've emailed months ago, who works in adoption law here and is a big name. My mom used to know her and highly recommends her, but I was afraid that big name=big money and not as much of a personal experience. At this point? I think I should've emailed her months ago.
-I'm reading yet another Diana Wynn Jones book, "Deep Secret," and already I like it. I read "The Merlin Conspiracy" first without knowing that it was a bit of a follow up from this book so I already know a bit of what will happen. I feel so much happier now that I'm reading again. It's so relaxing! I just need to find more authors where I can get through a whole novel. Looks like I'm stuck with "young adult" for the time being :)

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