Monday, March 9, 2009

Nuthin' much going on

Got our profile scanned and converted to PDF yesterday, then looked over and emailed off today. Hopefully it was alright. Nik's boss is supportive of the adoption so that's good.

It's HOT now. This time last week it was freezing, I was passed out under the covers with a fever, and there was snow covering the ground. For the last few days we've been going to the park in the hot, hot sun. Today was awesome, going to two parks. I got to wear capris and flip flops, and Paxton donned shorts, a tank and crocs. He ran around shoeless in the giant sandbox and all over the playground equipment. And oh man do my lungs feel better after being in the sunny warm air!

I'm not sure if it's suddenly being healthy, the adoption possibility, the quick change in weather or daylight savings, but I'm sooooo thrown off. In a positive way, mind you. I'm like in a blissful silliness right now, where I feel a little out of it but I'm quite happy all the same. I LOVE warm nights. I just have trouble sleeping in them is all. This is something I forget every year until it's summer again, and then I have to readjust sleeping since I'm so much better at it when I'm cold. I tend to overheat at night, but I also tend to freezy my patootie off if I'm not bundled up tight when I fall asleep, so hot nights can prove troublesome unless I want to spend a fortune on AC. It's like 77 in the house now. We've been trying to keep it above 70 for months and now we don't have anything running and it's peeeerfect.

I'm hoping this isn't a sign that we'll have another crazy hot summer!

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