Sunday, March 29, 2009


I think I'll post about putting together our first carepackage to Pax's Ethiopian family later. Suffice it to say it's... hard. Very, very emotional and that's probably why it's taken us so long to actually do. Hopefully it will be mailed out by the end of the week.


On the pumping front, I was experiencing a draught in a sense, but I'm not stressing. I'll stress when there's a hungry baby! The last couple sessions seemed to be improving however. I think I'm making almost enough for a one day old (acc to what I've seen) but not nearly enough for a one week old, and not even close to enough for a one month old. Hopefully in the time it takes to find our next child my supply will increase to the point of being able to sustain our child.

A few things I've experienced: my nipples don't hurt nearly as much now. It's amazing! There's a little pinch right at the beginning of pumping when milk is literally spurting out of them, but after that it's all good. They were really uncomfortable and sore/bruised feeling for a few weeks but now they're feelin' just fine :) The unfortunate thing is this need to nurse every 3 hours or so. I've been advised to do every 1.5-2 hrs but, um... hehe... I'm lazy :) So it's every 2.5-3 hrs and once at night. Yeah, you heard me. For the past couple nights I've woken pretty much at 4am on the dot ready to nurse. Yesterday morning I didn't get up and couldn't really get back to sleep then had almost no supply all day. This morning I had everything set up and just went to the dining room and ate some Cheerios and played Mahjong on my iPhone for 15 minutes while I pumped. I got back to sleep quickly and soundly, and had a much better supply today (like a ml difference, hehe!).

I'm thinking about trying to get someone from LLLI or triangle nursing mothers over here to help me out and answer a few questions. I'm feeling more... zen now. I'm getting endorphins a lot! Also I'm feeling far more maternal today. I had wanted to see whether I could fit a tiny newborn into a Maya wrap or not so I looked up how to do that online. Then I practiced with Paxton's baby doll. I took one look in the mirror to make sure it looked like the picture online and BAM, I was leaky :) And cooing and weepy and mushy and a little achy. And now I know how to safely carry a little baby close to me to feed and be kept warm and safe. That makes me feel pretty darn happy :)

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Handmade Mama said...

Hey Megan, its Nakira...the adoption forum moderator. I thought about BFing my DD but decided it would be too much stress in the wait. As we think about #2, my heart leans that way again. How much milk are you getting? Are you nursing Paxton or preparing for #2...too lazy to read the blog to find out?!?!?!?!

Great to have you around!