Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick sick sick...

I normally have one big "sickness" a year. Last year it was a flu that lasted over a week and included a few totally bedridden days and many hallucinations. It was almost exactly the same time as this year.

On Sunday Paxton came down with a sore throat and a case of the tired. Some tylenol and rest made it all better. Nik got it too. It was just a 12-24 hour bug, nothing major. Some coughs, a runny nose, a scratchy throat, nothin' big at all.

But then I got it. And I've been sick since Sunday night.

I normally feel a little sick when it snows, and it did snow that night and it stayed for a few days. Maybe it's some sort of internal flashback to my youth in Maine but snow gives me cold like symptoms anyway. Then there's my period which always decreases my immune system. Then there's the fact that I'm a stay at home mom caring for Mr. Nutso all day. He hates it when I'm sick, scares him, so I push myself to sit up, speak normally, try to act as normal as possible, etc. Not conducive to getting better, y'know?

I had a low grade fever for a few days, too. I'm normally 96.8-97.4 but I was at 99.2-100.3 for a few days. So miniscule but I felt so different. I've also had trouble sleeping. I didn't get to sleep until 3am sunday night/Monday morning, then woke up at 3:30am on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Yesterday I woke up at 4:50am and today it was 5:20am. Getting more normal. I'm just falling asleep in the afternoons. Even having trouble eating, hehe, which for me must mean I'm sick.

So, yeah. There's the past week. I don't want to go into Paxton's sudden hyperactivity or defiance which always appears when I'm sick (hey, his Amaye died of illness, how could I blame him for getting worried?). Let's just say I forgive my son and I hope that in the future he'll understand that when mommy's sick she's very, very likely to get better with rest.

I just hope I get over it soon! I'm so sick of this! I can't really cook because it makes me kinda woozy and I'm pretty much sleeping from the time Nik gets home onwards. At least his new job (!!!) gave him a work laptop so we are able to watch videos in bed together, and he's being so great about it.

I'm just so sick of being sick! I hate it! I want to visit friends but I can't because I don't want to get them sick. I want to go to the kid's museum but it's always so crowded that there's no way I could avoid contact with other small kids. At least the library was okay, where I was able to hide at the back of the room during storytime, and the park is fine since Paxton (who's all healthy) can go play while I hang out on a far off bench in the open air. But it's best if we stay at home and he hates being stuck at home and I hate it when he hates something and we just run around in angry circles all unhappy and sneezy and such and.. ugh! I'm ready for this to be over!!!

In better news, I've started "lessons" with Paxton. Three books each followed by a short activity, then followed by some craft. Its my intro to homeschooling in a sense. For me more than him. Paxton LOVES lessons. I mention them and he runs and grabs the lessons bag (my old Sunday School bag chock full of supplies) and drags it to the center of the room, then flops down with a huge grin on his face and waits for me to begin. Such a cutie! I'm going to go put something together now. I'm really dreading our "warm up" though. I think I can get through one "head, shoulders knees and toes" before I fall over. And maybe two push ups though all he does is crawl under me anyway and say he's in a tunnel.

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