Saturday, March 7, 2009


Seeing as how I've been sick, the economy is in the pooper, and my husband has just started a new job, we've opted to do the wisest thing we could: request to be shown to an expectant parent making an adoption plan for her child.

Yeah, I know, timing.

Nik's going to talk to his new boss on Monday about it. The baby isn't due until mid April but Nik's on a 90 day contract-to-hire. He wouldn't get any paid time off, but that's not the issue. The issue is whether he'd get any time off at all. While we certainly put family first, being able to feed a family in this economy is pretty important and we'd like for Nik to stay employed. Hopefully since this would be in NC and we wouldn't need to travel, Nik would be able to take a couple days off and then return to work full time. Honestly I think I'd want my mother with me for the first week or two, just to watch Paxton since he's so besotted with her.

Obviously we have nooooo idea whether or not we'd be picked or whether or not it would work out. But on the other hand... as soon as the information came over email my heart lept into my throat and I reread over and over and then waited impatiently for half an hour until Nik arrived at home before I could email back about our interest.

You never know, right? This could be it. Or this could not be it. Or this could look like it and then she changes her mind, but then we end up using the agency again to find our next child. Or whatever.

We'll just have to wait until Monday when Nik speaks with his new boss to really feel comfortable with it. Until then I want to change a few of the pics in our profile and I need to scan it in and convert it to PDF. I also ought to contact our HS agency about Nik's new job and ask for an addendum. No idea if they'll charge us, probably will with our luck but it's worth it if we have to do it anyway.

Either way... I'm excited. And my son's down for a nap. Funny how that always makes me so happy.

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