Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well, dang

WARNING: More talk about nursing/lactation/TMI stuff...

I'm totally lactating. It's awesome.

The domperidone has definitely worked. After just over a week of taking a half dose (10mg 4x a day) I started pumping. With a manual pump. A cheap manual pump.

And it's working.

No, not enough to freeze. Not even enough to make it in the bottle yet. But it's increasing with every pump, noticeably so, and it's coming from both sides and not just the right. And it's milk. Honest to God milk.

And man do I ache!

I finally broke down and had my mom get me an electric pump off Ebay, to be repaid for tonight. I hope it comes in soon since it looks like I'll be pumping several times a day (I have too! they need it!), and the suction on my little manual pump is just not near good enough. Seriously, my hand does just about as good a job on the right one.

There are so many odd things I'm noticing now. Like how thirsty I get when I pump, like absolutely parched. And how much I want protein, tofu, soy, constantly. And how I now for some reason actually prefer healthier foods, like my body, iunno, needs this extra nutrition or something.

And OMG the endorphins! They're awesome! Seriously, it's like I'm just basking after a pumping session. Whoo!

The only downside? If I can't pump on time I'm uncomfortable for a bit (I don't get why, only a minuscule amount is actually coming out of me), and Paxton really, really, really wants to pump himself. I pump his tummy for him and he giggles. But it's still kinda rough to have a preschooler stealing my barely-sealed pump out of my hands every minute trying to use it on himself, all while holding his shirt up and wapping at his little boy nipple and saying "I'mma pump me now please?"

K, it's actually time for a pumping (again, heh) before we go to my parents in half an hour. Whee!

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