Sunday, March 15, 2009


My husband is wonderful :)

Last night Nik fell asleep around 9pm. Booooo! He was pretty exhausted after letting me sleep in all morning, so I guess I can't blame the poor guy. He pretty much passed out on the couch and I played around online for a couple hours, on blogs and SecondLife.

When I finally went upstairs he came up with me and dreamily mentioned that he could get up with Paxton and let me sleep in again since he would've slept for like 10 hours by the time Paxton got up. Oooo, I was pleased!

I slept till 9:20 when Nik got me up. He didn't even try to make our customary blueberry pancakes (good husband!) but did take good care of our little one. We got to church a bit early, dropped Nik off in nursery (he volunteered) and kept Paxton as quiet as possible during church until it was time for Godly Play. I got to enjoy a nice, quiet church service then picked up my boys and headed home. Nik entertained wee one while I made quesadillas, then got him upstairs and ready to feast. We all ate together, then my darling husband got Paxton ready for nap himself and sat with him while he was asleep, allowing me to start laundry and take a niiiiice, looooong shower!

Now Pax is sleeping, I'm happy and clean, and Nik's made a breakthrough on where he wants to go with his next D&D game. So we're all happy, and planning to have fun later tonight when we got to my mom's for dinner. Renata's making cheesecake!

It's just a quiet, rainy Sunday and all is well in our world :)

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