Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We're back to normal.


Well, it's better than super tired and angry, but never as idyllic as super awake and chipper. Yesterday was sheer bliss. Today looks like it'll be a normal day. Some listening, some tantrums, a little misbehaving, a little being adorable, a lot of being a 3 year old boy. Ah well. It's still wonderful either way :)

Today's schedule constitutes lunch with mom in the middle of the day and a big "iunno" before and after that. Perchance a nice nap? For me? Please please please?

Maybe I'll be awful and play my game this afternoon. Paxton loves to watch and help. I just play a bit then save and hand the controls over to him (luckily, he can't figure out how to save yet). Maybe we'll go to the mall again, or the park if the sun stays out and the rain stays away. We'll see!

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