Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Not too much I can think of to post other than that it's been a great weekend and a fun Easter. Paxton went nuts over finding eggs (he found 5 and counted them for me) and he's alllll about the candy, rubbing his tummy and going "yum yum yum, candy!" He's being adorable :)

Nik and I did some stuff we'd wanted to get done, namely cleaning our two cars (the insides) and put in a front light. Or replaced a front light I guess. The old light had a bird nest in it and it kinda fell over. I hadn't noticed until I took a picture from the road of our house for our adoption profile and looking at the picture I realized... the light was on its side. Ridiculous. To top it off there was a wasp nest on the wires (empty thank God!). But now? We have light! And we don't look as cheap.

Tonight is dinner at my mom's house. I LOVE dinner there! And tonight's Easter dinner too. Renata's coming and Muslim or not she's still getting and Easter basket from my mom :) And there's carrot cake! And card games! And Paxton eating cake and watching Dora the Explorer for an hour or so with my dad! In the other room! Yay! Easter dinner + dinner at mom's house = yaaaaaaay! I just love having an evening to be like a kid again (and to see my own kid enjoy it so much!).

Happy Easter y'all!

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