Saturday, April 18, 2009


I swear, by about 5pm yesterday I entered pure unbridled zombie-dom. I had to fight to keep my eyes open after Paxton went to sleep so that I could lay down at a decent hour. I crashed by 11pm. I woke up to my 1am alarm which was also when Nik was getting home from his new 4th ed. D&D game. I was very confused. I pumped for 2 minutes while whining and moaning and trying to open at least one eye. The same at 4am only Nik was a lump beside me then and I remembered to use the restroom. I woke briefly at 7am when Pax came in but refused the need to pump them. a whopping 5 minutes total over the night would have to do.

I woke a little after 9am and came in and out of sleep for another half hour or so, then lay in bed a few more minutes before submitting to Mr. Pumpy. I felt much better after that. Then I went back to bed. Because I like the bed. It was nice, the luxurious "I'm sure there's so much to do but I'm just hangin' out in bed with my eyes closed" experience. I even pulled out my iPhone and checked email and celeb gossip, just to feel extra luxurious.

I pumped again around 11:30 and was doing my minute long refresh period, which I do after 5-10 minutes to create another let down, and Grace called. Jacob is cancer free!!!! I was talking to her when Nik came home with his mom and Pax. My boobs hurt :( They expected a 1 min break, not a 30 min break! So I pumped at 12, then put Pax down for a nap, then pumped at 12:30. Again, feeling better.

Nik just went out and bought a new lawnmower and he's now off to pick up gasoline and Subway sandwiches. Because we really need to spend more money on eating out.

After Pax wakes up and we get some food into him we'll be heading over to Grace's to fix her laptop (hopefully) and see Jacob and Lea. We can't really interact with J because he's neutropenic again, but I can wave to him and talk to him from outside. Lea could use some company I'm sure, and Paxton does love seeing "Grace'n'Leeeea!"

No idea if this is all leading to a great day but right now I'm showered, pumped, rested and relaxed. Gotta bathe in it while I can, neh?

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