Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm being so awful...

Paxton has developed a bit of a stutter. Nik did some research and decided we had the TV on too much. Now it's hardly even on when he's awake and the stutter is diminishing. But right now he's watching Barney. Hey, it's educational right? And it makes the huge tantrum fest that happened 20 minutes ago just a silly thing of the past, not to be instantly repeated because, oh look, big purple dinosaur!

It's Earth day apparently. I think I should look up activities. There must be something going on around here!


I seriously think this whole blog should be considered TMI given how often I speak about pumping and the fact that many people out there simply aren't comfortable with such things. But eh, whatever. I just want to feed BB whenever he/she comes home. And I'm working hard at it!

I can get about .4 or .5 oz out at a session now, a couple times more than that. I gathered a whole 3 oz yesterday. I think my goal right now is just keep increasing and not focus too much on how little I'm increasing just that I'm increasing at all. And hey, I'm up to 1/10th of where I want to be! That's a workable fraction, much better than say 1/200th or 1/50th.


My cystic acne returned. I treated it. And yesterday morning? I couldn't take it anymore and I popped it. Or rather I pinched the one thin layer of skin holding in the infection and it all came gushing out. It was disgusting but, well... kind cool. And I feel soooooo much better. I can laugh! And smile! And blow my nose! I can even wink with my left eye again! It's amazing how much a large bump tightens your skin up. Now it hurts a little on the scab and it looks horrendous (I keep getting questions) but it doesn't feel like much in general. I give it a week until I'm fully healed up. Hopefully my sudden intake of waaaaay too much water will help my skin clear up again.

And on that thought, time to drink a ton of water and pump again. Mooooo!

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