Thursday, April 16, 2009

It feels like a weekend!

Tomorrow Nik and I are going to an all day parent orientation class with our new agency. We'll also be officially applying to the agency then too. Yes, we're lazy.

This means Paxton gets his first full day away from me. And I my first full day away from him. He's going to split the time between my mom and drop in day care.

I'm scared.

I'm also... a little excited!

Shoot, I just realized I'm going to have to bring my Medela and pump in the bathroom.... crud....

Anyway, it's a day off for each of us from each other and I think he's old/adjust enough to handle it.

I'm just going to have visions of him being hit by a car all day. Or abducted. Or choking on food. Or, um... aliens? I don't know. But I know that neither Nik nor I will be with him and while it's nice to have a day "off" I'm just so anxious about it all....


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