Monday, April 20, 2009

A post for the sake of posting

Paxton had a lot of freak outs yesterday. He REEEALLY was unhappy at church. He did not want to be left in nursery. I guess leaving him all day Friday did freak him out a bit, though not as bad as normal. Instead of us leaving him making him reject us, it made him cling harder (especially to Nik). We left church halfway through since he was a bundle of tears and pouts. We went to the mall and he ran around and played happily, until daddy walked off to get coffee. Then he cuddled in tight waiting for daddy to come back. He even freaked a little at my parent's house (same as the nursery, he's been there without us) but we didn't make much of it. He totally flipped at bedtime and I had to cuddle him to sleep which isn't normal, but he fell asleep and woke up happy. He's having a pretty good day today, just hanging out near me as I do things. Now he's asleep. He fell asleep pretty quickly beside me in my bed while I read a book to myself (required reading from adoption agency). Hopefully he'll be up for an afternoon of errand hoping. Two grocery stores and a library await us!

Oh, and my cystic acne flared up. I frozed it with an ice cube the second I realized I was getting a bump so it's big but not gigantic, and it didn't spread. After a week of getting more and more painful as I tried different things, I decided to go to the drug store to pick something up. While there the cashier mentioned trying the skin of an egg, from right inside the shell, and leaving that on the bump to dry it out. The problem with cystic acne is it's a bump under the skin so you can't pop it or normally treat it. There are only a few treatments, like birth control pills (which I went off in January) and anti-biotics, which knock me out cold. The egg skin did sooth and loosen it a bit and not that it's a little smaller and closer to the surface I'm trying the treatment I bought, which seems to be doing something. Of course, what this means for me is that I still have a huge red bump right beside my nose. It's just that now it's a huge red bump with white gunk all over it, so now it's extra noticeable!

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