Friday, April 10, 2009

Quickish post

Adoption Agency: Nik spoke with them, clarified our "huh?" points, and came to the conclusion that everything's great. I trust him and them. They really do seem to care very much for the well being of all clients, both expectant/birth parents and adoptive parents, and especially for the children entrusted to their services. So I'll be going to a day long class Friday (maybe Nik too) and filling everything out and reading a couple books and signing us up for some classes. We both feel a whole lot better now :)

Pumping: If I'm good about it I can get a whopping 0.25oz in a sitting. I'm not so great about it so normally I don't. But I'm working on it. And I'm freezing 0.5oz breastcicles to store in my freezer. Hopefully BB will be here within 6mos or else those get to go down the drain...

Paxton: I've been a witch mommy this week I think. I've snapped at him too much :( He's been on and off good. He just knows how to push my buttons and he looooves that when I'm hooked up to the pump he can do something right out of my reach and then run before I can get him. I'll even say stuff like "don't touch that" and he'll touch it while saying in a singsongy voice "I'm tooooouchin' it!" I'm working on being more patient. in fact, gtg, I have the urgent request of "mommy mommy play wiv me!"

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