Friday, May 8, 2009

And it's on...

I don't know why, but suddenly I feel like we're FINALLY on the right track with this whole adoption thing. Maybe it's that the new agency is actually very nice, very responsive, and much more up front. Maybe it's that they've placed 12 kids already this year, have 2 pending for the next couple weeks, and only have 18 more families waiting for placement with more expectant parent situations not yet revealed to us, thus making the odds of a quicker placement seem likely. Maybe it's that we actually have a profile on the website, one in print, and were actually shown to someone. Maybe it's the big meeting day where we met other PAPs and saw that unlike our first experience at the county adoption meeting we could not only stand these people but relate to and joke with them. Maybe it's the feeling of being with an agency with a relatively set time line, kind of like when we were waiting for Paxton. Maybe it's the feeling of community, where I hear about other people being matched and while there's a tint of jealousy for the most part I want to find their emails and congratulate them (and offer advice and help if they don't have kids yet). And maybe it's my darling son who drove me bat-poo insane today but continues to love me and be adorable all the same.

Either way... I'm feeling good about this.

Hmmm... I think I shall pump and read baby names. I want to put together a list of 10 names of each gender, with meanings, for placement day whenever that should be. We have front runners and the boys name is pretty much set in stone now, but I'd still want other considerations.

Be warned oh reader(s?)! We like less common names. If Pax had been a girl we would've chosen Lumina. We also considered both Cassien and Solomon for him. Solomon is too common (or at least I've met too many with that name, only 2 other Paxtons), but I've never heard Cassien being used around here. And I like variants of that, like Casimir and Cassius. And no, Cassien is not our "set in stone" boys name. But it's still a cool name :)

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