Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we were likely not chosen as it's just about 5pm and no miraculous phone calls. Bummer. For us anyway. The other three couples were likely waiting much longer each (or at least active longer, we've been paper ready since early November).

I'm being an awful mommy today, not really taking Paxton anywhere other than a visit to my grandmother, being a little too short with a tired boy and not handing a couple of situations very well at all (though I really don't like him biting at my stomach when I grab his hand to stop an oncoming slap).

I'm going to my first choir practice tonight. I know it sounds awful but I just can't get out of this house fast enough! I've been antsy all day and Paxton has been tired and thus doing a bunch of whiney, annoying little things that wouldn't normally get to me that much.

Ah well, odds are higher for the next time, right? And we'll be matched when we're meant to be matched. And hey, I'm only making max 1/3rd of what I need to nurse right now so a couple more months of, you know, waking up to Mr. Pump... that would be beneficial, right? Siiiiigh. I think I'll sneak some chocolate ice cream when Paxton isn't looking....

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