Saturday, May 16, 2009

May as well update.

Not too much. Decided that Paxton's continuing pissiness may be a result of being overtired. He was resisting sleep and getting up earlier and earlier. Finally we just decided it was too much. Kids his age NEED to be sleeping in the double digits. So, we're back to every day nap as opposed to every now and then nap. Whenever he napped he was having trouble getting to sleep at night so now it's every day nap with me snuggling him to sleep, then every night with me and Nik snuggling him to sleep. He's actually sleeping later and while he's kinda mean in the mornings he's definitely more even tempered during the day. Knock on wood! We've only been trying that a few days.

Nothing new in adoption land. Not all that much new in pumpy land either, other than that I'm making about 1 ounce per session (7 a day) and have made up to 2.5oz in a session, though that was after sleeping through the 4am alarm and not getting much out before going to bed. Either way I'm still doing the slow and steady increase. I'm now aiming for 3-4oz a session instead of 2 or 2.5. I'd rather aim high than low! So I'm at 1/3-1/4 to where I want to end up. Not bad! I'm getting pretty used to it now, actually enjoying my quiet 4-4:30am session where I munch an apple, drink 20oz of water, get to use the restroom, and read news or fiction in peace with the light sound of birds chirping. My goal of learning to fall back asleep more quickly, and to live with less sleep, seems to be working... so long as I still have my Saturday mornings! I slept till 10:40 this morning. It was blissful! I was still up at 7am to pump but got back to sleep and I slept haaaard. Tempted to go to bed early tonight after having been awake only 12 hours. Why not? I'm sure I could use it! Besides, tomorrow morning is my day to get up with Paxton.

Other news:
-Joined church choir, am very shy, will work on it.
-Agreed along with Nik to be in nursery last Sunday of every month. They need so much help in there.
-Finally getting off our butts and getting those trees removed. We have one estimate for $3,550. Wow! But thanks to our tax refunds we can afford that if we need to.
-I'm playing too much of The Sims 2 in preparation for saving, zipping, and sending it away. The Sims 3 comes out in a couple weeks. I'm trading up baby!
-I want to sew some fleece soakers and a Mei Tai or two but I have no idea when I'll have the time! Perhaps P's naptime?

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