Monday, June 8, 2009

Another quick postlet

-Went to the 10th Anniversary for A Child's Hope on saturday. It was fun seeing everyone (and watching Pax get a nice sugar high!). Got to meet lots of people, lots of babies, lots of wonderful families to root and cheer for!
-Went to a multi-person birthday party on Sunday for Nik, his uncle Brad, and myself as we're all June birthdays. Also a sort of going away party for Janet who'll likely head back to England sometime this month. Hopefully she'll get skype or something in order to stay in contact with Paxton. He adores his Gran, it would stink for him if she suddenly dissappeared from his life.
-On Friday we dropped P-Man off at the kid's museum for the first friday kids came. He loved it! That means we can go back next month too. First Friday Downtown has lots of open art galleries, live music and discounts at different shops and eateries.
-Pax is sleeping better and in a better mood. The big changes are that we're working on being calmer, we started reading older books to him to put him to sleep, and on the advice of another parent of a child adopted as a toddler, we turned the tv back on. Eh, so long as it's not all the time and it's making him happy...
-TMI section: I can make 1.5 oz/session easily and have made over 2oz/session several times now. So that's my next goal I think, 2oz/session. Also have been getting a nasty blockage on my far right but have got it out twice, once with hot compress, once with massage. I hope it won't come back!
-Playing and enjoying The Sims 3.
-Enjoying choir, though I messed up horribly on Sunday... right in front of the microphone!
-Despite all the mud, I'm enjoying fewer trees. The yard feels safer and looks bigger. I pray those old souls become used for something good, though. I don't exactly like cutting down tall, old trees that have lived far longer than I. I just want to keep my young safe, y'know?
-We have pumpkin flowers! Which means I ought to weed the garden...
-Pax has sat still and calm for FOUR storytimes in a row! Can it be? Has he finally calmed down enough to handle it? Is he just old enough? Have we worked with him enough?

Almost time to wake up my boy. I'm almost done writing in his 1st year with us book (er, should've been done six months ago...). I think it's about time to start a "2009" book, with a small book for "holidays 2008," between his birthday and new years (about 6 weeks). Once the new one comes home I'm sure we'll have tons of pics together and I'd rather do actual years than time since first child arrived home.

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