Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baaaad mommy!

K, not truly bad, just kinda let Paxton eat dinner in front of a semi-violent video game then go to bed like an hour late when he already went to bed late last night. That's totally gonna come back to haunt me!

In TMI pumping news, the past few days have been awful. I was up to meeting my quota of 10oz a day and then suddenly... blockage on the left! Blockage on the right! Sudden drop in supply! Pain and tenderness at all times! OMG Wow!

So I worked at it, and pumped extra to make my quota since I know the milk is IN there, it just doesn't want to come out. I'm about .5 oz away for today. Yesterday was the worse, seems to be improving now and the right one only hurts a tiny bit (left one doesn't hurt at all). Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow. It's such a pain in the butt that I really don't need the added stress of a lowered supply or incredible pain from non-boob chest to tip. Ugh.

Nothing else really going on here. Our adoption agency let us know how many potential situations they have in the pipeline right this moment, and that includes 3 AA situations in the upcoming few months. There are 6 families waiting for an AA infant so we'll see, but they also receive last minute phone calls from hospitals and those situations are obviously not listed on what they sent out as they don't know about them. I'm just trying to be calm right now... honestly, it's just good to know that there is actually movement. Our agency works with expectant parents until they're 6-8 weeks from giving birth, sometimes even until after they've given birth, even if they've known about them and been signed with them since the first month. So to us it looks like nothing is moving, nothing is going forward, we're just drifting and hoping and waiting, and then suddenly a situation pops up out of nowhere. On their side they're dealing with a dozen situations at least and trying to coordinate everything, including medicaid, legals, etc.

Time to go, Nik's here!

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