Monday, June 22, 2009

First goal met

I just had to save here that I met my first goal for pumping,, last Friday, had a weird day Saturday, but still made 12 both yesterday and today. Let's hope this keeps up :)

Also... lot's of rearranging downstairs, and preparing to get a flatscreen HD tv and PS3. Partially for safety issues, mostly for fun :) I feel guilty spending money on something fun (no, seriously I do) but hey, we should treat ourselves now and again right?

And finally getting some stuff out of the house, like an aquarium and strollers and such. It's a big house but it's crowded with junk!

Pax has been great with his new sleep schedule. We read him down for both nap and at night. He LOVES the Narnia books and I'm really enjoying them. Tomorrow I get to start "The Horse and His Boy"!!!! It'll be my third to read to him, and I actually remember this one a bit. I so loved it!

Feeling really optimistic about the adoption lately. Maybe it's the milk thing. Maybe it's all the babies around. Maybe it's Paxton hitting a bunch of new milestones lately and really, truly turning from a "baby" into a kid. We have the most fun conversations now!!!

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