Friday, July 10, 2009

Gotta get a quick blog in while I can...

Paxton's sleep disturbances have gotten so bad/frequent that we've sought out a doctor. Unfortunately our regular ped doesn't take our new insurance so we had to switch, but we got in right away with a new ped who is familiar with Ethiopian adoptions (something we want for Pax should anything come up). We saw her yesterday and we're getting blood drawn Monday to check iron levels, and a couple other things. P also had his first dentist visit yesterday. He was none too pleased until he saw the pretty receptionists and the little play room stock full of toys. He happily exclaimed "The dentist has TOYS in it!"

He was freaked out and scared at first huddled into me screaming and saying 'no no no!" and punching my back and tummy, but the people there know what they're doing and got him to calm down enough to have a full visit, including teeth cleaning, picking around, counting, brushing, and a coat of flouride. He actually didn't want to go when we were leaving and I had to chase him through the place! DEFINITELY a good find!

I don't know if I posted about taking over as moderator for the adoption forum at I'm really anxious to do a good job! Last night was my first MNO and I think it went well. I only ended up meeting two other mommas but it was fun and definitely great to meet people. It's a small group, very spread out, so accomodating everyone is hard but hopefully we'll be able to get together more often and maybe grow the group a bit.

Saturday is blueberry picking, P's first time! Nik'll be staying home to do yardwork. Our yard looks horrific right now. Desperately needs to be mowed, weeded, touched up, totally relandscaped, etc. Nik's working hard with what time he has and we've gone back and forth over hiring someone. We really need it raked out, and Nik's moving all the white rocks out of our front and piling them up in the back. We'll be putting down straight mulch. Hopefully this time next year we'll have a gorgeous yard, with nice thick grass and easy to maintain plants. Right now it just looks like we don't care at all.

TMI news: I'm now swaying to the sound of the pump and keep catching myself. It's so weird! I swear I'm going to start swaying whenever I nurse because of this. I'm going to look crazy!

I'm up to about 15 ounces a day, goal 2. I have a goal for every 3 ounces. So my big goal now is to "solidify" 15 oz/day (hold steady there and don't get lower) and then my next is to reach Goal 3, 18oz/day. I seem to hold steady for a few weeks, then increase over a few weeks. It's a slow but somewhat steady process. At least my hairloss is tapering off, and there's almost no pain involved anymore. Also I'm actually getting somewhere! Woohoo!

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