Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I really ought to post more...

So I may as well write a bit, and instead of actually putting my thoughts together I'm going to do bullet points. Why not?

-Pax stopped getting to sleep on his own and will only really sleep if we read to him. I've been reading a big Narnia compilation book, with the books in Chronological order. I'm now on chapter 4 of "Voyage of the Dawn Treader," which is book 5 in this book and not book 3 which it would be in publication order. That drives Nik nuts! Nik read "Rainbow's End" and then started the "Wrinkle In Time" books. He's on book 2. Pax isn't getting too much story content from them but his speach and ability to tell us stories is incredible. I was overjoyed when that boy started to speak phrases, but now we're in paragraphs! Mini-novels some days. It's so great to be able to communicate so readily to him. He's really growing up!
-Pax has been sitting still for storytimes and is excited about them. Today we went to the storytime at Barnes and Noble with Miss Casey and he was ecstatic. Such a good boy to the little babies around him, shared toys, ran to get a seat when they announced storytime then sat peacefully for 5 minutes before they started then through the whole thing, only getting up for some crayons after the story to color his picture, then when he decided he didn't want to color he gave the picture to someone who didn't have one. Then he used his words to tell me he wanted to color and waited patiently for another copy, saying "please" and "thank you." He's been so good lately! I pray it's like this from now on though I'm sure something will come up at some point. Two steps forward one step back right?
-Paxton had blood drawn yesterday. It just about ripped my heart out. I was very much considering not doing it because he's been so great these past several days but figured we should check his iron levels anyway. He was so sweet about it, kept asking me afterward to hug him and "keep me very safe mommy!" It made me want to cry :( Even hours afterwards he was fine but I was trying not to sob. I think I have finally fully arrived in mommyville. Took me long enough!
-Trying to eat better by eating more organic foods. Went to Whole Foods yesterday, then Walmart today for stuff I missed. WalMart does have a lot of organic foods so I buy some stuff there, usually when I'm buying other things like shampoo or Splenda. There are certain foods I'm eating just about every day and I feel it would be better if I had those be organic. This is stuff like yogurt, granola, and instant oatmeal. Same with apples. I don't think we can just change our diet over entirely, but a few replacements here and there will better our diets. Paxton chomped down on canned organic kidney beans with feta for the past two days for lunch. Tomorrow it'll either be canned organic baked beans or canned organic chickpeas. Can you tell my little vegetarian loved cold canned beans?
-We really need to get out on a date! Seriously! But in the meantime we're enjoying watching Asian idol dramas on boxy box every night. They're so much fun! I like to say we're educating ourselves about other cultures, but really we're just watching soaps together. It's awesome :)
-Renata has the night off tonight so I get to go out for friendtime. Woohoo!!!
-Am enjoying church choir, even if I'm not all that good. Hey, they haven't kicked me out yet :)
-My yard looks horrible! To compliment the messiness I put a lamp outside with a Walmart bag tied around the top. It was supposed to be picked up by someone on CL a week or so ago and I've been too lazy to take it to Goodwill.
-I really need to clean out my closet and do a Goodwill run, both to drop off and to pick up. I'm at about 185lbs now, which is 25lbs over what I was when I entered college and about 60lbs lower than when we brought Paxton home 20 months ago. I'm guessing a combo of eating better and pumping is causing the weightloss. I can guarantee it's not exercise! Anyway, now I'm down from barely squeezing into a size 18 to comfortably wearing a 16 and uncomfortably wearing a 14. On top I'm down from XL to L in most cases, depending on the cut. So a lot of my clothes are baggy on me or outright don't fit. I can't wear 18s at all without a belt and even then they look a bit silly, just a little too pinched up top and I have to keep pulling them up. I hope at some point to make it down to 150lbs, though I'm just hoping not trying! I've had 7 slices of pizza in the past 18 hrs (thanks a lot honey!) so obviously I'm not trying very hard to resist! Ah well, I'm happy where I am and I'll be happy if I lose more. I just plan to eat lots of fruits and berries. Yum! And maybe I'll go back to Monkey Joe's with Li'l P and bounce for awhile. Cuz I can accompany a child under 4 and he sooooo needs my help on those bouncey castles :) Hey, it's exercise! More than I'm doing sitting on my butt right now. I swear, if surfing the net burned calories I'd look like a supermodel :)

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