Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothin' much...

There's a potential birthmother signed with our agency due in a few days, and if she continues with her adoption plan I think we'll be one of the families shown. Another due next month and another the month after. There are only 4 families waiting for African American infants and 3 due in the next 2 months though no telling whether they'll continue with the adoption plans. Even if we miss out on all 3 opportunities we should become "agency choice" for an African American situation meaning if a woman placing says "you choose" to the agency, we'll be picked. So.... awesome either way right? :)

I found a home for a cooler full of breast milk. Will probably bring them some more. I actually advertised on Craigslist (haha! Never thought I'd do that!). Got some nasty replies but also got hooked up with a woman who's son is allergic to all types of formula. Since she can't produce enough for him (medical purpose) she has to obtain it elsewhere. They don't have anymore money to purchase it and the milk banks are dry, only servicing inpatient babies. So she was very glad to hear about me wanting to outright donate, and another mom on contacted me about it also with a cooler full of milk to donate. So hopefully that baby will be fed for awhile!

As a side note, do you know people can SELL breast milk? OMG, that never occured to me! I mean, sure I wouldn't mind some $$ if the person had it (they don't), just to cover the $1/day pump rental and ~$1/day milk bag price, but I hear you can get up to $4/oz. OMG, I'd be rich! Haha! But naw, I just wanted the milk to go to a place it was needed. Kept over 300 oz for us and the rest they got, minus a few gallon bags that didn't fit in the cooler.

Pax does have low iron but it's easily treated. At least we know! It can cause restless leg syndrome which is likely what's causing his bad sleep. He's been pretty good lately but still, I'd rather help him out. It stinks to see him wake up exhausted or hear him crying in frustration at night :(

Had a cool weekend, first trip for Paxton to the beach. I so miss the beach, and I never think about it until I'm there. It's hard having grown up near the ocean to become a city lover. Granted I'd choose city over country, but the beach is another story. The beach... well, most of my wonderful dreams are of the beach and when I'm there I just feel free and young and alive.

Of course, it was also a terrifying trip. Pax got yanked out by an undertow and I reacted instantly to save him, so while he's fine the image of his face as he was being yanked away... yeah, that'll stick with me for a bit. Little ham keeps telling everyone about it too, actually acted it out for me today and tells everyone how Mama saved him and kept him safe :)

We're thinking of getting a hotel room for a weekend and going out there from a friday night to a sunday night. What fun that would be! I'd want to get our new zoo membership cards first, though. That way the aquarium would be free and we could go a couple times. That would work better for our boy, to get him less afraid of the sea animals.

Alright, time for bugging the husband into watching our beloved Taiwanese idol drama! We're almost finished, just 3 eppies left. I wonder what we'll choose next. So long as it's in Mandarin we can continue to subliminally teach Paxton the language. He babbles for fun and now its tonality sounds like Mandarin! Hmmm, maybe we should start him with some lessons....

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