Monday, October 5, 2009

Paxton the cute

Paxton was a rough kid. Some days he still is a rough kid. In all honesty though... he's a cute kid. A REALLY cute kid. Like, totally adorable, get comments from people constantly kinda cute. He's definitely appearing more and more like a "spirited" child, which at first kinda scared me but now I'm okay with it. Probably though because his "more" is no longer "more violent" or "more angry" but "more exuberant" and "more talkative" and "more enthusiastic." He's a happy, bubbly, giddy, smiley, loving little soul, which sometimes you can't see when he puts up his hard, angsty wall of protection (good for blocking turmoil, not good for having a fun day).

He could literally be a cheerleader now, and I'd like to take just a tad bit of credit for it. We've been working on being thankful, saying little thankful prayers frequently (which he does on his own now), and listing out all the many wonderful things we're thankful for on a daily basis. He may not yet be grateful for these things, but he still knows how to say thank you :) And he's just so happy about it! "Thank you for my food." "Thank you for my toy." "Thank you, I like this." I love it!

We hear "hooray!!!" a lot, and little phrases from shows on Noggin, like "you made my heart super happy mommy!" and "Can you do this? Yes you can, mommy!" Granted he'll try to use this to his advantage (yes you can get me candy!) and he can be pretty sneaky ("Dear God, thank you for my ice cream, I love it soooooo much! Thank you, God, Amen!" Then looks at me expecting ice cream). I just love being with someone who hugs all the kids around him, says nice things to everyone, and is just so light and happy with the world.

Of course, not every day is like that, but most days are and I'm so, so, so lucky!

One snippet from today:
"Mommy I'ma get bigger soon!"
"Oh, how big are you going to get?"
"Taller and taller, up to the sky!"

We get "up to the sky" a lot :) It's so adorable!
Can you tell I love my little P?

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Anonymous said...

His "I don't think so!" to Nik on Sunday morning was pretty darn cute too.