Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The schedule so far...

Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, play, fuss, eat, sleep, repeat.

It's awesome until you get to the "play, fuss" part between 1:30 and 4am. Right now he's bundled up in the Maya, finally passing out from a longer play session (very awake this time) and a very long meal (both sides like 40 minutes). I've discovered he's prone to an insufficient latch, especially at that meal between sleeps. We're working on it but he seems to be doing better already. Output is good so while I'm a tad worried about input (hey, I've been measuring it carefully for months and now I can't even see it) I think he's doing alright.

When awake, which isn't often, he's very interested in everything around him. Especially Paxton, who's just as interested in him. It's nice. The two brothers seem to like each other :)

I'm just so happy to have him. So happy to be able to say "children" and "sons" and "brothers." It's a very happy time for us :)

I just can't wait to show him off to the world but I'll be cautious, as much as Paxton can handle. He's just so used to going everywhere and I don't want him to equate the baby with sudden social isolation.

Ambrose Locke is just too wonderful. And so is Paxton Tariku. How on Earth did we get so lucky?

(and then there's my wonderful husband...)

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