Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I know about Ambrose

I did a million posts like this for P. I think everything was so stressful then, and I had such a small social outlet, that I spent a long time recording every minuscule thing on my livejournal. Now? I'm living life more than posting on it. Maybe it's because I can rarely put this boy down, or maybe it's because I have 2 now. Dunno. But before time, that speedy jerk, rushes by too fast, let's go ahead and record some things about Mr. Ambrose Locke.

-Swaddling. He can normally handle, and sometimes even enjoy, under arm swaddling. But don't you even think about keeping his hands immobilized!
-Being placed on his back. He's getting better about this one but he'd still prefer side or tummy.
-Cold. Not only does he sneeze when hit by a draft (so cute!) but he detests being cold and complains endlessly during diaper changes, clothing changes, baths that take too long, going outside when there's a breeze, or sometimes even changing positions from a warm comfy spot to something a little more room temp.
-Being the car. Hates it. He wants to be held, dangit, not placed on his back in a cool carseat and left to lay there for waaaaaay too long (sometimes like 10 minutes!) while we do God knows what and show up in some random place.

-Eating. Oh, this boy can eat!
-Cuddling. He gets in the most delicious positions!
-Sleeping. He does it well :)
-Playing. He's just so chipper when he's awake, bright eyed and ready to interact!
-Paxton. He's fascinated by the littlest big person he regularly comes into contact with, the one that hops around the house and sings off key.
-Mommy and Daddy. One is good for sleep, the other for food. Both good for play.
-The Little Einsteins Rocket/Piano toy that has light up keys and music. Song #8 seems perfect since it's slow enough for him to follow the lights.
-A light toy from DisneyWorld. On our honeymoon I bought it cuz it was pretty, looking forward to the day our kids would like it. Well, both our kids love it. Kinda great :)

-He wakes up from a looooong slumber ravenous and fussy, and yawns a lot.
-Finally, he starts to wave his little fists around and make kind of a rattlesnake noise, with wide, bright eyes, very clear, making eye contact and holding it. I think he's actually trying to tell us "hey, I'm up, it's play time!" Cute, but not so much fun at 3am.
-He eats like every 20 minutes during playtime.
-He does tummy time for several minutes until he throws a hissy. He enjoys being held high in the air and slowly lowered. Loves kisses and looks like he's trying to kiss back. Turns his head to follow the light toys or in response to his name (sometimes). Does "sit ups, push ups and stand ups." Will sometimes lock eyes with me and start the actions of nursing, smacking lips and rolling his tongue right. Yay communication!
-Eventually he'll get fussier and fussier, and may actually use up all my milk and just fuss for like 1/2 hr while I "refill" enough to put him back down. It doesn't take too much as he really just wants me as a paci but won't stay on if there's no milk.
-After playtime he'll sleep really hardcore for awhile, and we've actually been able to leave him alone for up to an hour before he goes into restless sleep and notices. If we're holding him and he's in restless sleep, sometimes he'll want to be fed and will snack for like 3 minutes then pass out cold again.

-No bottles since yesterday morning. Some of his diapers aren't as soaked as normal but they're still wet and he's not too fussy. I'm going to give it a few more days to see if we get totally back on track.
-I'm letting him snack a lot just to make sure I have enough milk. The more he latches, the more milk I produce. Or that's the theory anyway!
-Hoping to get him on more of a schedule, little by little, then maybe pushing it a bit more once he's about 6 weeks and a little bigger.
-The hope is to eventually have him go to bed at a certain time, and preferably go to bed in his own bassinet or crib. We may then have to bring him into our bed once he wakes for a feeding, but it will at least afford us some alone time and give me some hardcore sleep time.
-I'm enjoying co-sleeping but not sure I want to be doing it a year from now. We'll see!

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