Monday, December 28, 2009

Ah, Sleep!

Aside from a very tickly throat making it hard to sleep, last night wasn't too bad. The boys are on a better schedule now. P is still waking up super early, but sometimes we can get him back to sleep, and when we can't it's usually closer to 5 than 4 (which is still crazy early, but not totally insane early like his 2am days). So today P woke around 3, took a Melatonin and cuddled with daddy, then woke again around 5:45. Much better :) Still not as good as Christmas (Sleeping! Straight through! Till 7am!) but much, much better :)

Ambrose most definitely knows days and nights now. Hooray! He was ready for bed around 6 or 7, we did our night routine and actually put him down for good around 8pm. He ate at 10 when Nik brought him to bed, then 2am or a little later (4 hour break! 4 hour break!!!) then 5am ish, nibbling again around 6am right before Nik took him and let me sleep. Then he hooked on again around 7:30. He tends to have an hour wake phase in the mornings followed by an early nap, so pretty much I hand him to Nik asleep, go back to sleep myself, Ambrose wakes up and plays hard, Nik wakes me up right as Ambrose is getting really fussy and I nurse him back to sleep for an hour or two, then he wakes up for the day (at least for 2 hours anyway). So I don't think that 2-3-4 schedule is going to quite work for us right now, unless we can stretch out the morning wake phase a bit! Either way, he gets like 3 naps a day anyway.

Despite the great sleep, I'm not so much looking forward to the day. Nik was off work from Thursday through Sunday, is at work today then going to a wedding, won't be home till after P is asleep, then he's off work for 2 days. So we have one stressful day in the middle of an almost week long vacation. Then he's back to normal schedule as of this Thursday.

And next Tuesday? Preschool. 5 days a week, 3 hours a day, glorious, interactive and well run preschool for my big boy who is really so, so big now.



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