Friday, December 4, 2009

I just have to put this somewhere...

Need to get this off my chest before I go nuts and post it in a forum where it might actually be read by someone.

What I believe in terms of Breast Feeding:
-Human babies do better on human milk.
-Human babies also do pretty darn fine on formula.
-Most woman can breast feed if they so choose.
-No woman should be forced to make that choice.
-Not all woman can breast feed even if they want to.
-Sometimes, breast feeding can even prove dangerous.
-Some people will nurse preschoolers, and that's cool with me.
-People who nurse preschoolers seem to want everyone else to nurse their preschoolers, and that's not cool with me.
-If you ask a question at the La Leche forums it's pretty much exactly the same as asking a dog diet or health related question on a dog forum: it will always come back to the same few people spouting the exact same things, shaming you if you've deviated from their own lives, praising you if you're a copy of them, and not really answering your questions.
-I'm already getting sick of lactivism.
-If someone has a question about weaning, formula, supplementing, putting a baby on a schedule, moving a child out of their bed, or anything else they DESERVE to be treated with respect and have their questions DIRECTLY answered by people who support their decision. They do not need a bunch of obscure essays or news articles thrown at them trying to push them to change their mind, and if you must send them a link please answer their actual question first, not with guilt, shame or revulsion but with kindness.

I will say this:
-I wanted to nurse my baby.
-I worked damn hard to nurse my baby.
-If another woman got pregnant easily, had a great pregnancy and birth, had a full supply come in immediately with breasts that never hurt, I would not be in the least upset if she chose to bottle feed. I may be perplexed, and a tad jealous, but her baby will most likely survive just fine and it's none of my business anyway.
-Not everyone is me, and just as I can accept that there are people out there who follow vastly different religious paths, I can accept that there are people who follow vastly different life paths. The only time I'd be upset is if someone were actually trying to harm their child (or neglect them) which is not the case with people who feed formula, sleep in separate rooms, utilize an outward facing stroller, or even use (uuuugh) disposable diapers. As yucky as those are.

K, that is all. I will now go back to attempting to glean information about breast feeding while ignoring all the hype and anger ever present on the forums. Except for the Triangle Mommies forum. Seriously, they're just relaxed and awesome :)


mama said...

I feel the same way. Add homeschooling to that list. Just because I chose to homeschool my kids does not mean that I believe that everyone should homeschool nor do I want to here about your kids and how much they love going to school and How you just couldnot do what I do.
Ok I think I should stop typing now.
I love your blog...

Sarah said...

Excellent post! 100% agree!