Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lalala, no sleep no sleep, lalala

Okay, so there IS sleep... just not as much as I might like :) At least the little guy is cute, right?

He keeps hitting growth and developmental spurts. The best part is that after the spurt I can usually tell what's changed about him. Like right after the 3 week growth spurt when he started smiling, or at 6 weeks when he started to bap things with his hands. Last week he was fussy for a few days, eating constantly, and right after that he started to smile when he heard our voices. He's been fussy for the last couple of days, eating every 1-2 hours mostly, and this morning? He laughed with me. Or at me. Iunno. I was tired.

We're already looking at adoption programs for #3. I've recently found an agency working in the Congo. Paxton's agency still has a solid Ethiopia program and just started up in Rwanda. Several agencies are working with Ghana and Uganda. Of course, VietNam might open up again, and there are always kids in Japan who are eligible for adoption, especially those who are not ethnically Japanese. Then there's always the US again, seeing if there are any kids available for adoption from foster care in neighboring counties (our own county has a bad track record) or adopting again through Ambrose's agency. We did have a good experience with them.

A's agency would ask us to wait until he's been with us 18 months to start over, and it can move pretty fast with them obviously. Otherwise, we may start again when he's a year, if the program takes long enough. I mean, if we choose an Ethiopian infant program and it'll take 12-18 months till referral (not travel) AFTER all the paperwork is submitted... well, we might start that pretty early. We'll have to see.

And already the question of gender is creeping in. Should we ask for a girl this time? I mean... I would LIKE a daughter someday. And yet... I don't want to ask. I want to just... be open. Let the child who is meant to be with us come home to us. Had I been able to choose gender the first time around we wouldn't have Paxton as I did want a girl. I'm so, so glad we couldn't choose.

So on the one hand, the only way we might be able to have a daughter at all is to outright ask for one as most people who do ask will request a girl and those open to gender will usually end up with a boy. And yet... would I really mind a house full of boys? It would make some things easier, like passing down clothes or dealing with teens all the same gender (and thus similar issues).

I guess we'll see. And we may end up asking. We're pretty much going on gut instinct over here, on just about everything, so whatever feels right at the time is what we'll go with :)

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