Friday, December 11, 2009


Up at 3:50am with no chance of going back to sleep. Nik took his shower, finished packing and was out the door at 5am to make a 6:24 flight to Pittsburgh. Whole company is going there for a luncheon and dinner (and tours and speeches and as much as they can fit in within -24 hours).

Ambrose slept very well, comparatively, last night and was up at 4:30 only because we majorly messed up and put him to bed in a daytime diaper and he was soaked and cold. Got up at 4:45am when Paxton was awake to give him a bath and get him dressed.

Whenever I think of 4am I remember Wuthering Heights and the fact that that's when they all woke up. That struck me as so bizarre as a teen. I mean, I could see going to sleep at 4am, but waking up then? Please! Who in their right mind would do that. Also, I used to believe that parents actually had a pretty strong say in when their kids woke up and if they were getting up earlier then the parents had no right to complain as they were obviously allowing it. Ha. Haha. Riiiiight.

How many more words must I swallow???

On the bright side, we have a full schedule. Soccer practice at 10 am, then nap, then my mom comes over to watch P while I take A to his Dr appt and see how big he's grown. Tonight is mommy-son datenight at Sweet Tomatoes, as it always is when Nik isn't home at night (usually for D&D). Tomorrow morning will be heck but then at 9 my mom comes over again to watch P while I take A to my first Triangle Babywearers meeting (yaaaay!). Oooo, maybe my new mei tai will show up tonight and I can get some tips from them on it :) Yay indeed!

And the best thing going on right now? Baby sleep!

Talk about a growth spurt! That 3 week growth spurt lasted only 4 days. I say only now because we're currently 4 weeks into a never ending growth spurt. Or several clustered together, rather, as he keeps cycling. It's like 3-4 days of eating every hour to two hours followed by about 2 days of almost constant sleep where I do have to wake him up to eat or else he'd probably sleep through just about every meal. Looks like today we're back on sleep duty. On his spurting days he can't seem to stay asleep longer than 30 minutes. On his sleeping days he's hard to wake up and can't seem to stay awake longer than 30 minutes. Yay sleeping day!

On a sucky note... I just realized that Ambrose is getting his first wave of vaccines today, on the one day when Nik absolutely will not be here. I get the feeling I'll be up a lot in the next 30 hours... Here's hoping I actually get any sleep tonight. And of course, here's hoping Ambrose reacts well to the vaccines and nothing awful happens.

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