Friday, December 18, 2009

Sleepy Mama

About to go back to sleep, too. Ambrose gets fussy around 4:30, and once Paxton is up around 5ish (hooray!) I get out of bed with Ambrose and go downstairs for a bit, then once Nik is up at 6 I hand him off and go to sleep till 7:30. Then I get coffee. It's a nice arrangement :)

Paxton had his screening a couple days ago. Their biggest finding was what we already know: he's obstinate. He digs his heels in at everything and has difficulty, emotionally, changing from one activity to another. He wants to stick with one thing, wants patterns, wants reliability and consistency, so she had a bit of a tough time screening him. But all in all, he's a pretty much normal little boy. Woohoo! They want to reassess in a few months after he's been attending preschool.

Yesterday I had Miss Allison at the library help me find some books for Paxton to help him prepare for preschool. You know, after I got chastised for only bringing in Ambrose (it was baby storytime and my mom was home with P). We read a few and he was fascinated. Unfortunately, he hadn't realized I wouldn't be staying at school and now he actually is scared to start.

I believe his response was something like this:
"No! You can't leave! I will be so lonely! If you leave, I will look and I will look and there will be no friends or anyone and I will be all alone! You have to stay!"

Cutie :)

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