Thursday, February 11, 2010


I got some a couple days ago! It was awesome!

Now for the rest of the last month...

So Ambrose is knee deep in the "4 month sleep regression." Or a growth spurt. Or teething. Or reflux worse than we thought. Or he's possessed. Iunno.

But it seems to be getting better, at least during the day.

I had decided that at 4 months I'd start trying to schedule him, and begin a bit of my version of sleep training. A thus I give you... Our Schedule!

5:45am: Prevacid and nursing. This is wake up.
6:45-7am: Sleep
8am: Wake up and nurse.
10am: Sleep
11am: Wake up and nurse.
1pm: Sleep
2pm: Wake up and nurse. Prevacid
4pm: Sleep
5pm-5:30pm: Wake up and nurse.
7pm: Sleep.
9pm: Wake up and nurse. Prevacid
9:30pm: Conk out "for the night."
Midnight: Nurse
3am: Nurse

You can probably add to that
11pm: resist sleeping anyplace but Daddy's arms and throw a royal fit.
12pm: nurse for 5 minutes then scream Holy terror for an hour and half.
4:30-5:15am: Fuss and cry until Mommy takes baby downstairs and puts him back to sleep in his bouncy seat while she stares blankly at a computer screen and tries to remember where she is and how she got there and OMG is is seriously 4:47am? Why am I downtstairs??? Well, at least the baby is asleep...

So yeah, those are our days right now. I'm still heading to bed by 10pm, which stinks. I miss my evenings!

On the plus side...

-He's fallen asleep twice today in his baby swing.
-He'll fall asleep in a bucket seat (currently only set up for use for Nik's car) and can be transferred easily without waking.
-He's allowing far more time for us to do things without holding him, so I can "leave" him with toys and put the dishes away without him screaming.
-We can anticipate his moods and needs now.
-He's falling asleep much quicker and without too much hassle.

So, we're a work in progress. But we're getting there! I have high hopes that starting solids in a couple months will help too :)

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