Friday, March 5, 2010

Just growing and growing!

I swear, watching children grow is like watching the slowest wake up period possible for a full adult. Little by little the veil is lifted back, fraction by fraction they come into knowledge, into personality and experience, and you can see where it's going (or so you think) and you get to watch every new moment, new milestone, right as it's happening.

In the past several weeks Ambrose has grown, in all senses, incredibly. Here are some of the things new to this past week or so:
-Grabbing feet
-Putting feet on things (like moving a foot to push my foot when he's in the bouncy chair and I'm using my foot to bounce it)
-Moving his feet for a better position when we hold him in a standing position. This one is big!
-Moving toys easily from hand to hand
-Copying immediately the sounds and patterns I'm making
-Calming down more quickly when I talk to him
-Interacting with his brother more, "talking" to him and laughing when he sees Paxton
-Obviously, eating food, including moving it to the back of his mouth and swallowing
-Letting me know he's done nursing on a side by pushing it away and straining to reach the other side (he's going back and forth a lot now to check for milk!)
-Falling asleep very, very quickly in a wrap when I cover his head (note: I don't put anything directly on his face!)

Things we're still looking for:
-Ability to pick up food and move it to his mouth. Tested yesterday and that was a huge messy failure!
-Ability to put him down and have him fall asleep without someone there
-Ability to sit up unassisted (he's getting close!)
-Ability to crawl a bit
-Ability to self soothe, at least part of the time.

We're working on it! One of the greatest developments in our household has been the use of Ibuprofen at night. 3 nights worth of better sleep now! OMG! Last night I didn't leave the bed even once, OR sit up to rock him!!!!!! And he's looooving solids, could probably eat a whole soupy can but we aren't letting him yet. Just 2-3 teaspoons a day plus EBM! He's still a major fusspot. but when he's happy, he's the smiliest, happiest, giggliest little bean in the world! And we're still a million times over in love :)


Do I hear Paxton playing upstairs during nap today? No? Hooray!!! Perhaps we have nap success! I'm going to work my butt off to keep him asleep as long as possible! He's down by about 2 hours and is going to a party tonight for a friend that will run past his normal bed time. It's at a place full of bouncy castles so it should work well for him being wired and out of control (unlike preschool this morning, which did not work well for him!). Hopefully, though, he'll get at least his normal hour and a half, if not more. So long as he sleeps at all we should be good! And yaaay, bouncy castles!!!

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