Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quickie: Recent Broser Development

Today he took 2 steps, willingly, to me. He can stand for about 10 seconds by himself but won't do it (usually) if he notices. He's been getting noticeably better recently and seems to be on the precipice of walking.

Words that we THINK he's said:
"elph" when he noticed an elephant figurine
"oof oof" to a dog, woofing at it
"dg, dg!" Dog. Oh, he loves dogs!
"dn" down? We think?
"moo" in response to "what does a duck say?"
"qua" a later response to same question
"munu/mudu" while reaching for a balloon
"da" yes

We THINK we've heard him say brother and Paxton at different points. Trouble is, he babbles like mad and sometimes whispers. So we're often picking words out of a long babble sentence. All words listed above were separate words, not in a phrase or sentence.

So yeah, I guess we're also on the precipice of speaking.

They grow so fast!!!!

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